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NTA Alert - June 6, 2013

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This week is incredibly important for the future of rural communities across America. State across America need your help to protect moose, elk, deer, livestock and rural communities. In the last two weeks over 100,000 emails have been sent in attempt to stop state wolf management and force unmanaged wolves to more states in America. The failure of to keep the commitments to protect wildlife, hunting and livestock producers from unmanaged wolves is not being remedied. People and communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming still need our help to fulfill the longstanding commitments that have been ignored. We also need to stop efforts to spread this failed program to Washington State, Oregon, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas just to name a few.

It only takes 30 seconds to send a message using Big Game Forever’s automated system. Send a message by clicking on the following link: http://capwiz.com/biggameforever/issues/alert/?alertid=62707371&PROCESS=Take+Action

Last Friday, Big Game Forever asked for some frank feedback from people in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming on the impact that unmanaged wolves have had in their state. The response was overwhelming.

Here is what we learned from hard working Americans who are living with the consequences of this program:

(1) 92% of respondents gave the Federal Wolf Program an “F” or a “D” grade on fulfilling its commitment that states would be allowed to protect wildlife herds. (77% gave an “F” grade, 15% gave a “D” grade).

(2) 86% of respondents gave the Federal wolf program and “F” or a “D” grade on fulfilling its commitments to control wolves attacking livestock. (58% gave an “F” grade, 28% gave a “D” grade.)

(3) 98% of respondents recommended that rural communities oppose wolf expansion to their communities.

(4) Over 600 personal testimonials of loss were provided by respondents of the poll.

We need your help in the fight to restore the future of wildlife and ranching in America. Please watch for information and action alerts during this week.

Please send a message to our leaders in Washington D.C.: http://capwiz.com/biggameforever/issues/alert/?alertid=62707371&PROCESS=Take+Action

We can no longer afford to ignore the good people that have been hurt and the wildlife that has been lost as a result of these programs. Big Game Forever needs your help to show the solidarity of American Sportsmen, Livestock producers and hard working Americans in protecting our moose, elk, deer, livestock and rural communities.
Ryan Benson
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