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NTA Alert - December 10, 2012

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Hunters in Montana need your help today.

There is a major effort to create a no-wolf hunting zone around Yellowstone National Park. Radical activists from California, New York and other states are sending messages to pressure Montana to close these wolf hunts.

The elk and moose in these herds are in serious trouble. The Northern Yellowstone elk herd alone has lost approximately 15,000 elk since wolves were introduced. That is a loss of at least 70% of the Northern Yellowstone Herd that just 20 years ago numbered over 20,000 elk. (citation: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/15/yellowstone-elk-decline_n_808456.html)

Let’s show Montana that hunters from around the country care about the demise of the Northern Yellowstone Moose and Elk herds by sending messages to Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commissioners. Let’s show that we support restoration of these critical wildlife resources and responsible predator management by keeping these wolf hunts open.

You can either personalize a message or send our automated message today by visiting:

or by visiting http://biggameforever.org/takeaction and then clicking on "Take Action"
Montana hunters have been sending similar messages in advance of a FWP Commission meeting on Dec. 10th. In the first 24 hours, 350 Big Game Forever supporters in Montana had sent messages. That number has quickly grown to 600 messages, again just from our Big Game Forever supporters in Montana. This is a great start, but the anti-hunting groups are sending thousands of messages from outside of Montana. Let’s even the score by sending hundreds or thousands of more messages from hunters across America to save the Northern Yellowstone herd.
Please ask your neighbors, work associates, hunting buddies or anyone else you can think of to send a message today. We need a lot more messages to counter the work of anti-sportsmen and anti-grazing forces.
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