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Scholarship Application

This application is for both the Norman Gray & Charles Dobbins Memorial Scholarships.

Charles Dobbins

 The Father of Modern Trapping
Charlie Dobbins passed away on Friday, September 12, 1997 in Canton, Ohio. Charlie was 72 years old, and the author of nine books, and six trapping videos. He is survived by his wife of forty-nine years, Irene Dobbins, three daughters, Christine, Melanie and Tolly, and his son Paul and their families. Charlie was more than the Father of Modern Trapping. He was a Master of the Art of Trapping. He will be missed by all trappers.

Charlie wrote the book and set a standard on the adjustment of leg hold traps. He made trap manufacturer's take a good long look at how they were manufacturing traps. He changed the industry standard. Charlie was never unwilling to share his secrets of trapping with anyone. Any trapper that met Charlie at any of the thousands of trapping conventions that he attended all over the country, learned something to improve their catch.

Yes, Charlie will be missed by old trappers as well as young trappers, but, Charlie would have wanted the sport to live on. I think he would have wanted trappers to donate to the sport in his name and send contributions to the National Trappers Association. Charlie has passed the torch and it is up to the rest of us to keep the sport alive.

From: Craig HJ Williams, Canton, Ohio
Charles Dobbins
Upon the passing of well-known trapper Charles Dobbins, the Dobbins family has requested that the Charles Dobbins Memorial Fund be established to fight anti-trapping issues.

Disbursements from this fund require the approval of the President, and the NTA is authorized to maintain a separate account for this purpose. If you wish to participate with a contribution, thank you on behalf of the Dobbins family.

Kindly make your check out to:
Charles Dobbins Memorial Fund

Please send to:
Charles Dobbins Memorial Fund
c/o NTA Headquarters
2815 Washington Avenue
Bedford, IN 47421-2247
812-277-9672 fax
Charles Dobbins Memorial Fund

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