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October 2016

Rick Friedrich
11503 Hawk Hill
Boonville, MO 65233

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Want to give out a Big Thank you to the Michigan Trappers and Predator Callers Association for hosting the national convention in Kalamazoo . A job done by all the volunteers, Great facilities , the demo area was again well done , This makes for a good all-around and c convention and more trappers will not want to miss them, Very well attendances make for a good and successful convention. Looking forward to next year in Rockford,.

Would like to give a Big Thank you to all the People and all the State association that has send fund to help Montana Trappers Association to defeat I-177 , that would prohibit the use of traps and snares for animals on public lands within Montana. I-177 if passed by would become effective immediately. The Montana Trappers Association was a coalition of several organization and interest groups has been organized to lead in this battle, I know that Montana still need our help funded this battle. All our eyes are watching to see how this is going to turn out , We may know by the time this get all ,

The NTA is still has or is currently an active party in seven other federal in Four other states , After hearing Gary Leistico at the board meeting all of these cases are imported to the trapping world and to all trappers I one would like to say a Big Thank you to NTA attorney for all he does for us as trappers Thanks Gary

The Great Lakes Wolf Summit held in Cumberland Wisconsin on September 15, 2016 was heavily attended by the “good guys” and there seems to be rapidly growing support for delisting Great Lakes Wolves (permanently!) There is bill that was introduced in 2015 to do just that! Here is a link to the bill that could get our wolves delisted once and for all and return them to state management, where they belong!

Senator Johnson will be reintroducing this bill shortly after the November elections and is hopeful that there will now be enough support to get the bill moving and hopefully get it passed.
This gives every sportsman and sportswoman in the country time to contact their senators and congressmen (or congresswomen) to let them know that we want Great Lakes wolves delisted and returned to state management.
Well it is just about time to get the traps out for me and I for one am looking forward to just going out and having some fun trying a few new thing , Taking my grandson out and catching a few coon, We all know that the fur market is at rock bottom but what a better time to take a kid and have some fun in the outdoors , Till next time be safe Rick Friedrich