Conservation Director Report 
June 2019

Mike Sievering

Conservation Director, NTA
291 Elam School House Road
Brent, AL 35034
205-926-4072 (h) 205-340-1183 (c)

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This past month has been hectic! I've been in the process of creating and building an educational booth. This booth will be on display at the National NTA Convention in Springfield this coming July. Educational for youth and adults, this display will concentrate on track identification, skull identification and pelt identification. I hope you can come by the booth during your visit to the national.

In addition, I have continued outreach programs revolving trapping and its use as a management tool. I just returned from the Solon Dixon Center in south Alabama where I conducted a two and a half day program for Auburn University. As part of their summer practicum, wildlife students were trained in the history, ethics, laws and furbearer management techniques. Thirty six students were involved in this program which included a day and a half of field work.

Along similar lines I've been in the process of discussing with the University of Montevallo (in Alabama) the possibilities of including furbearer management and trapping as part of their curriculum. This portion of the class will be added to its outdoor skills program this coming fall. It will include a similar agenda and field work that is similar to the work that is being done at Auburn University during their summer practicum.

A number of natural resources youth camps have been attended around the state of Alabama in which proper furbearer management techniques have been discussed and demonstrated. I hope that everyone has a safe trip to the nationals. See you in Springfield.