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Fur Takers of America

Convention Information

NTA Director: David Hastings
6 Shady Acres
Lemoyne, NE 69146
Phone: 308-728-7780

FTA 2016 National
Convention & Rendezvous
July 7-9, 2016
Lawrence, Kansas

FTA Trapper's College is the only one of its kind in the world. The college provides six days of in the field, hands-on training with some of the best trappers in the world serving as instructors. The field experience is backed up with classroom instruction to provide the most extensive training for both beginners and experts. Class placement is based on your level of experience and needs.
Some of the topics covered include:
• Professional Trapping Techniques
• Bait/Lure Application & Use
• Public Relations & Trapping
• Furbearer Management
• Trap & Snare Placement in detail
• Topographic Maps & GPS Technology
• New Trap Types & Techniques
• Trapline Troubleshooting
• Avoiding Non-Targets
• Skinning, Handling, Grading & Marketing Fur
• Wildlife Diseases & Human Risks
• Trap Modification & Repair
• Building Snares
• Water & Dry Land Trapping
• Wildlife Biology: Behavior & Habits
• And More

September 11-17, 2016

See FTA Website for details

Trapper's College