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January/February 2018
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The National Trappers Association, Fur Information Council of America and Montana Trappers Association have filed a motion asking the Montana District Court to throw out the “CITES” lawsuit brought by WildEarth Guardians against the U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service, which would block the export of bobcat, otter, wolf, and lynx pelts from the United States.
In layman’s terms, the Motion To Dismiss filed by attorneys Gary Leistico and Ira Kasdan argues the lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service infringes on the authority of state and tribal governments to manage their wildlife.
Trapping provides enormous benefits to the American public. There is an extremely positive story to tell about trapping and the benefits it provides both society and wildlife populations. In our continuing effort to take this message to the public, plans are currently being made for the NTA to attend both the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines, Iowa, and the Pheasants Forever “Pheasant Fest” in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In addition, we will again be at the National Wild Turkey Federation Annual Convention in Tennessee.
You should be aware, we have three tri-folds written specifically to educate our fellow outdoorsmen, livestock producers, urban dwellers, and non-consumptive users. These brochures focus exclusively on the positive benefits regulated trapping provides to the American public on issues like health and human safety, rabies/disease control, beaver and muskrat damage to roads, water quality, reducing predation on waterfowl, game birds, and big game, and so on. If you wish to use these handouts at your events they are available by contacting the NTA office.
On the subject of education and the public, it’s extremely disheartening to see the endless stream of pictures, videos and comments posted on internet talk groups and Facebook. Many of these are in very poor taste and do not reflect well on trappers or trapping. Most simply demonstrate the ignorance and inexperience of the person posting such items. The internet can be an invaluable tool to educate young and new trappers, but unfortunately it can do tremendous damage when these posts are seen by the unknowing public. An individual who has no real opinion on trapping can be turned into a life-long anti by one simple picture on the internet. Please, before you post anything on your favorite Facebook trapping group ask yourself how it could be interpreted by someone who knows nothing about traps or trapping.
I hope you each have taken the time to spend some time afield this fall. The trapline offers rewards that will remain long after the fur check is spent. As we get ready to celebrate the holiday season, take a moment to consider how much our heritage means to you and the importance of preserving it for the next generation, your grandchildren and mine. Invite a friend to become a member of the NTA. Better yet, give him/her a membership for Christmas!