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While we are dealing with all the various lawsuits going on around the country, it is easy to start to feel the load of the burden we bear. But, if not the NTA, then who? The National Trappers Association is critical in the pursuit to preserve and protect your trapping rights nationwide.

Every year we strive to build our arsenal against the various animal rights movements that are sweeping across the nation. It is because of you that we are able to defeat these lawsuits and fight legislation that may affect trapping and the privileges that so many of us enjoy every day.

We know that communication is our best resource/tool we have for success against the anti’s. The reports that are written by our Executive Council will explain the latest lawsuit or case that we are currently intervening on, on your behalf, helping you stay apprised of all things happening around the country with trapping and the battles we are facing.

We have been grateful for your support in our effort to continue the fight and without you, we could not, and would not, be the force we are today.

Fundraising is critical to our success and in an effort to say 'thank you' for your contribution, we have put together a list of items for you to enjoy. We are offering a Camo Ink Pen/Stylus, Mossy Oak Koozie Can Kooler with our new Patriotic logo, and an Outdoor Cap (American Flag-Mesh Back Camo) with our new patriotic logo.

We sincerely appreciate you and your contribution to our continued success.

NTA Strong Cap
NTA Strong Cap


Can Coozie & Ink Pen/Stylus
$10 Donation - NTA Camo Ink Pen/Stylus
$15 Donation - NTA Camo Can Koozie
$25 Donation - NTA Camo/American Flag Cap
$40 Donation - Koozie and Cap
$50 Donation - Receive all 3 items
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Three Year NTA Membership - $80
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