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This past September the trappers of America suffered another fatality when the governor of California signed AB 273, officially banning trapping in California. Enforcement of this bill will become effective in 2023. Also passed in legislation is AB 44, which would effectively ban the sale of most fur products within the state of California. As of the time of this writing the governor has not yet signed his approval of this bill with the deadline quickly approaching.
Actions such as these should not be taken lightly nor lying down. While the number of trappers in California has greatly diminished over the years, those individuals still wishing to practice this time honored tradition and lifestyle should have been no less important than any other law abiding citizen of this country.
This should be a wake-up call to all trappers and trapping organizations across the country. Solid and effective strategies must become one of our top priorities if our way of life is going to be preserved.
Over the past few months New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and Connecticut, to name a few, have faced a second round of anti-trapping challenges within their state. Negative propaganda, some with questionable authenticity, have surfaced in at least three of these states.
As you enter into this year's trapping season please be mindful of the materials that you post of social media, the locations in which you place your traplines, and the image that you portray as a trapper. The eyes of our enemies are constantly upon us and searching for ammunition to put an end to our way of life.
As you are preparing your line this coming season remember to invite a young person along and PLANT THE SEEDS for our future leaders.
Please help the NTA by making a donation or by renewing your membership or signing up a friend. Every donation of $15 will get a 60th Pin, a NTA Pin and a NTA Keychain. Every donation of $25 will get a free Two Toned Duffel Bag with the NTA logo. Every donation of $30 will get a free Super Soft Chenille Blanket with the NTA Logo. Every donation of $60 will receive all five!
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