President's Report 
November 2016

Chris McAllister

28995 329th Avenue
Dallas, SD 57529
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Congratulations to the Montana Trapper Association on a huge victory. I-177 was defeated 64% - 36% Great job by the MTA and the MWPLA Coalition. Proof of what we can accomplish when we all come together to work for a common goal. Thank You to all the trappers and state affiliates for the incredible support and contributions to make this victory possible.

This is a victory for all sportsmen, across the country. Gone forever are the days when various user groups would oppose one another in a misguided effort to protect their own special interest. Every affiliate should take a lesson from this and start laying the foundation now. Don’t wait until your state is the one being attacked. As trappers, we are the most vulnerable, hated and targeted group by the antis. As such, it’s incumbent upon us to be the ones to reach out to our fellow sportsmen to begin the process of forming coalitions within every state.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at 605-830-1009