NTA Board Meeting Summary 2016

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The following information has been prepared for the use of the NTA board members
when giving reports to state associations. These ARE NOT the official minutes which
will be mailed to you this fall. If you need copies of the information which was
distributed at the meeting, please contact NTA headquarters. Every effort has been
made to be accurate but it is possible that there are errors.
1. NTA President Chris McAllister welcomed everyone to the meeting and to
Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dale Hendershot, President of the Michigan Trappers and
Predators Callers Association, welcomed everyone.
2. President McAllister reminded everyone to review the information in the annual
report and to share information within their states and regions. Thirty-four voting
members were present for all or part of the board meeting. Other NTA members
attended as observers.
3. Current staff members in Bedford are: Brooke Norton, Acting Office Manager and
Finance Secretary; Rebecca McIntosh, Membership Secretary; Amber Limones,
Office Assistant. Contractors include Rich Faler, Editor; Tamara Masterson,
Convention Coordinator; DNIA, Dave and Karen Linkhart.
4. Financial information was presented by the Finance Committee Chairman Charlie
Rath. The 2017 budget was adopted.
5. The following were elected:
a. Board Rep to Executive Council - Charlie Rath
b. Director-At-Large - Charlie Rath
c. Regional Director - Northwest - Anna Hermanson
6. Standing and special committee members were selected and a list will be included
in the next board of directors mailing.
7. FBU President Dan Eaton presented a report on FBU activities.
8. Rick Schoonover, FTA representative to the board, presented information about
9. Matt Lumley, Regional Director of Big Game forever, gave a report.
10. Gary Leistico, NTA attorney, provided information and updates about the
lawsuits in Montana, Maine, Minnesota, and Idaho.
11. Several state affiliates shared information about trapping, state issues, and affiliate activities.
12. Daniel Eichinger, Executive Director of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs,
provided information about the organization and tips on how to develop a successful coalition.
13. The Executive Council has developed additional guidelines for regional
convention in order to ensure that they are self-sustaining. President McAllister
emphasized that there is no intention to eliminate regional conventions. The new
guidelines include: (1) the state in which the regional is held is the host, NTA will
not fund a member of the executive council to attend, and the state director is
required to represent NTA and assist in the NTA booth; (2) NTA will not provided
funding for an auctioneer to attend; the host state should secure a local auctioneer;(3) the host state will pay for plaques for the trap setting contest; this funding can
probably be provided through sponsors; (d) the skillet for the skillet toss should be
a “local” skillet as shipping the NTA skillet is very expensive.
14. The Colorado Association will oversee the Miss Rodeo America fur coat project
which is now an ongoing line item in the NTA budget.
15. The budget includes a quarterly bonus system for office staff rather than a cost of living adjustment.
16. The budget for outreach has been decreased because outreach efforts are usually more effective on a local level.
17. The 2017 convention will be held at the Winnebago County Fairgrounds in
Pecatonica, Illinois, on July 27 - 29, 2017.
18. The 2018 convention will be in Escanaba, Michigan, subject to successful
negotiation. The convention dates will be announced when available.
19. Bylaws Committee Chairman Jim Buell presented an amendment to the bylaws
which would eliminate having a ballot vote for any NTA office which is
uncontested. This will be presented to the membership for their consideration.
20. Scholarship Committee Chairman Jim Curran reported that many applications
were received this year and the selection process is underway.