Vice President's Report 
 August/September 2017

John Daniel
13740 Birchwood Pike
Birchwood, TN 37308

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I'm going to use this report as a reminder to all NTA directors of my board report at the National Convention. The NTA is involved in several efforts across the nation to promote and defend trapping. I would like to encourage you as your state's NTA leader to pick a project for your association to get behind, put a plan together and encourage others to become involved. By focusing on a single project, your association will be able to see the results of your efforts. If there is something going on in your state that warrants this type of project, that is even better. If every state would develop programs and set goals for the coming year, the end results could have a very positive effect on trapping nationally. To start off with pick a project that can be successful and achievable.
It can be something as simple as beginning a membership drive within your state association, setting a goal number of new members to be added, put together a team and communicate on a regular basis and work together to achieve the goal. Or it can be some other project that you feel is worthwhile.
If you would like help in choosing a program and getting it up and running I would be happy to assist you.
Thank you in advance for stepping up and working on behalf of the NTA. I wish you success on whatever project you choose.