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On Wednesday, January 24, U.S. District Court Judge Winmill granted the Summary Judgment Motion filed by the state, the National Trappers Association, and the Idaho Trappers Association and dismissed the case against the state of Idaho seeking restrictions on trapping

This is a tremendous win for the trappers in Idaho and across the country! A loss would have resulted in severe restrictions on trapping in the northern regions of Idaho. The plaintiffs were asking for jaw spread restrictions, 24 hour checks, and the elimination of snares and body grip traps throughout lynx habitat. Wolf trapping in these regions would have essentially been eliminated.

Our partners in this case were excellent. Hats off to the state of Idaho and the Idaho Fish and Game Department for standing firm on the side of science and professional wildlife management. Also, the Idaho Trappers Association were outstanding throughout and fully understood any restrictions they agreed to would become the new "standard" for the next state to face these lawsuits.

And finally, to everyone who has made donations to help finance these battles… Thank You! These cases are tough, and always will be. They are also extremely expensive to fight. We are fighting against organizations that are well funded and energized. The Complaint in Idaho was first filed on June 30, 2014. Three and a half years ago! Simply put, without your support it would be impossible to intervene in these lawsuits, and there is no other group with the knowledge or expertise to do so. Again… Thank You.

Over the last several years the NTA has intervened in a string of critical trapping related legal cases. Make no mistake; these Endangered Species Act lawsuits are the most serious anti-trapping issues we face. These suits have the potential to severely restrict or end trapping. This is true in every state…regardless of whether you have lynx.

EVERY state has threatened or endangered species that can potentially be caught in a legally set trap. The NTA, along with our affiliate state associations, intervene in these lawsuits out of concern lynx-related restrictions would limit trapping for other species. Unfortunately, in Idaho, as in Montana, the NTA was the only national organization or alliance to intervene on behalf of trappers in this lawsuit.

The NTA intervenes in these cases for the sole purpose of protecting trappers interest. Please help the NTA by donating below and by renewing your membership or signing up a friend on the printable application to the left. Every donation of $15 will get a free NTA Keychain. Every donation of $30 will get a free Two-Tone Duffel Bag with the NTA logo. Every donation of $40 will get both items! Thank you in advance for all your generosity.
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