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Highlights from the 2014 Western Regional Trapping & Outdoor Expo

2014 Western Regional
Trapping & Outdoor Expo

Affiliated Businesses

June 27-29, 2014
Grant County Fairgrounds
John Day, Oregon

Area Accommodations

Best Western John Day Inn: $104.00 + Tax
315 W Main St
John Day, OR

Dreamer’s Lodge: $65.00 + Tax
144 N. Canyon Blvd.
John Day, OR

Budget 8 Motel: $65.00 + Tax
711 W Main St.
John Day, OR

America’s Best Value Inn: $65.00 + Tax
390 W. Main St.
John Day, OR

Little Pine Inn: $65.00 + Tax
250 E Main St
John Day OR
2014 Grounds and Building Layout
For more information contact Tamara Masterson at 248-568-5804, or email

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2014 Western Regional Vendors

Fur Country Lures
Western Cats, Inc.
Sterling Fur Co.
Idaho Trappers Association
Dirk Miller
Mike Matney- Non Grip
Ty's Predator Calls
Wildlife Damage Management
3 River Wildlife Control
Utah Trappers Association
Montgomery Trap & Supply
Moyle Mink & Tannery
Washington State Trappers Association
Fur Tanning Co.
Western Regional Demo List


To donate an item for the NTA Western Regional Convention auction, please contact:
Doug Nichol, 8489 Mill Cr. Road, SE, Aumsville, OR 97325. Phone 503-932-9291 Email:
Heritage Building Layout
9am - Jim Soars of OR, Mink Trapping
10am - Don Nichols of OR, Beaver Trapping
11am - Mercer Lawing of CA, Bobcat Cage Trapping
1pm - Youth Demos - 3 Stations & Demos
3pm - Doug Nichols of OR, Nutria Trapping
4pm - Terry Sawyer of OR, Bobcat/Coyote Trapping
5pm - Jim Gipe/Bright Dean of MT, Trap Collecting
Friday, June 27, 2014
9am - Dean Bartz of IA, Raccoon Trapping & Tips
10am - Jim curran of NV, Muskrat Trapping
11am - Youth Demos - Three Stations
1pm - Joel Blackeslee/Bill Illcheck of NV, Bobcat Nevada Style
2pm - David Kula of WA, Beaver Comstock Cages
3pm - Gary Jepson of ND, Coyote Trapping
4pm - Dirk Miller of WY, Badger Trapping
5pm - Ed Crane of OR/AK, Wolf Snaring
5pm - Terry Sawyer of OR, Trap Modification
Saturday, June 28,2014
9am - Carl Berg/Beaver Peeler of OR, Beaver/Otter Trapping
10am - Ed Crane of OR/AK, Cage Trapping Muskrats
11am - Church Service with Don Nichols of OR
Sunday, June 29, 2014
Fur Handling Demos
Saturday, June 28, 2014
10am - Ted Weiss of OR, Nutria Skinning & Handling
11am - Dean Bartz of IA, Coon Skinning & Handling
1pm - Don Nichols of OR, Beaver Skinning & Handling
2pm - Jim Curran of NV, Muskrat Skinning & Handling